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    New York’s transportation hub gets massive $22 billion boost

    The New York City metro area took a giant step toward revitalizing its crumbling capacity-strained transport hubs on Thursday as a major bistate agency authorized up to $22 billion of spending on air, rail, and bus infrastructure.

    Officials at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey,

    OSHA issues long-delayed silica rules

    By Tim Devaney

    Millions of construction and manufacturing workers will be protected from harmful silica dust under long-delayed rules from the Obama administration.

    The Labor Department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced Thursday it is cutting in half the level of silica workers can be exposed to on the job.

    You Paid For It – Authority overload

    There are 560 public authorities in New York State, and now Gov. Cuomo is looking to add another, as another layer to one of the biggest authorities.

    Greg Floyd takes a look at this proposal, because You Paid for It.

    Battery Maritime Building to get a new life, again

    By Dana Rubinstein

    5:15 a.m. | Mar. 16, 2016

    By the time Mayor Bill de Blasio’s citywide ferry service is up and running, one of the relics of the city’s ferry heyday will have finally been converted into a hotel.

    Group working with de Blasio administration recommends change in building codes

    By David Giambusso

    5:14 a.m. | Mar. 16, 2016

    Mayor Bill de Blasio’s buildings working group is about two months late with recommendations it was supposed to make on cutting building emissions across the city. But now one of the biggest players in the group has released its own report detailing ideas for reducing carbon emissions in city buildings.