NYC DOB is at my Jobsite, Now What?

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    NYC DOB is at my Jobsite, Now What?

    The New York City Council has passed a number of new construction laws since 2017. Being prepared to comply is critical as the NYC DOB is in full force with new inspectors being hired daily.  Don’t miss this important seminar on how to handle a NYC DOB inspection.


    • Peter Simon, J.D., CSP, Board Member of Construction Safety Advisory Committee of NY and Director of Plans & Logistics, Total Safety Consulting, LLC.
    • John Connolly, Construction Safety Industry Expert, Director of Field Operations, Total Safety Consulting, LLC.

    COST: $85 per person for AGC NYS & BCA NY Members or $115 per non-member (Includes full breakfast)

    Topics include:

    • Local Law 196 – Second Compliance Date Extension and Training Requirements
    • Clarification of “Competent Person” as it pertains to NYC DOB & LL196
    • Local Laws 81 & 78 of 2017
    • Latest Updates on NYC DOB SST Cards
    • How to best be prepared for a DOB inspector showing up on the jobsite.
    • Who greets them and how is the intro handled?
    • What are the best ways to address and handle DOB inspector’s requests?
    • What documentation should you have on site already?
    • What is the scope of the inspection? Why is DOB there? Field inspection process.
    • How to interact (and how not to) with the DOB inspector.
    • Suitable questions or comments during the field inspection.
    • Review of findings (how and how not to react)
    • Receiving a DOB Penalty – Stop Work Orders (SWO), what to do when a SWO is issued, what are the ramifications and fines?
    • Contesting a violation – What are the steps?
    • Final resolution, and what should contractors do after this phase?

    Register online to the right, or complete the registration form here.

    June 13, 2019 8:00 AM
    June 13, 2019 11:30 AM
    Down Town Association
    60 Pine St.
    New York NY United States
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