Silica Standard in Construction Training

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    Silica Standard in Construction Training

    Managing the many facets of the Silica in Construction Standard   

    The training program will discuss the importance of managing the many facets of the standard and discuss practical solutions that your company should consider as you navigate to comply with this regulation.   The use of Table 1 from the standard will be discussed as well as employer responsibilities concerning operations that fall outside of this scope.   The training program will also cover employer medical evaluation responsibilities and the importance of employee rotation and recordkeeping.

    There is confusion in the construction industry regarding some of the elements of the standard and this course was developed in an effort to provide clarity as to the applicability of this standard.   Contractors need to have a real understanding of this regulation and how it interfaces with other standards, such as lead in construction, which may require their employees to wear respiratory protection as well.  Failing to recognize the distinction between the two regulations and managing the recordkeeping requirements associated with these separate standards could prove to be costly to employers who are not diligent in their recordkeeping efforts.

    Please join Peter Delucia, AAC Contracting, for this informative program.   If your company is looking for silica in construction training program that presents a unique perspective, covering practical applications, this program is for you.

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    Limited to 25 attendees!

    October 17, 2017 10:00 AM
    October 17, 2017 12:00 PM
    10 Airline Drive, Suite 203
    Albany NY United States
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