STP Unit 1 – Leadership and Motivation, Syracuse

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    STP Unit 1 – Leadership and Motivation, Syracuse

    Tuesday and Thursday nights from March 21-April 13, 2017

    The Supervisory Training Program (STP) developed by AGC, is designed specifically to meet the needs of the construction industry. Developed, updated, and field-tested by and for contractors, the Program consists of 6 courses that focus on the knowledge and skills that every supervisor must have to be an effective manager of people, time, equipment and materials.

    This course includes the following sessions, case studies and topics:
    – Dollars and Sense of People and Construction: Case Study: The Contractor Who Lost the Bid; improving the bottom line by effective supervision; cost of poor supervision; cost and causes of personnel turnover; learning new jobs, tasks and skills; communication, trust, respect, teamwork, and cooperation.
    – The Role of the Construction Supervisor: Case Study: The Confused Supervisor; supervisory leadership and motivation; crew supervisor in the linking pin role; positive discipline.
    – Helping People Perform Better: Case Study: The Poorly Motivated Crew; assumptions about people; the performance equation; encouraging external competition and self-improvement; delivering timely training and information; encouraging responsibility and self-control; setting positive expectations.
    – Motivation: Case Study: The Worker Who Lost Motivation; general motivational strategies; recognizing personality types; internal motivational techniques; job enlargement and job enrichment; construction supervisor’s motivation tool kit.
    – Leading Others: Case Study: The Inconsistent Supervisor; leading others; being consistent but flexible; providing consistency; providing flexibility; leadership styles.
    – You Get What You Expect: Case Study: The New Crew Supervisor; setting positive expectations; how workers respond to supervisor’s behavior; putting the theories to work.
    – Positive Feedback: Case Study: The Tough Supervisor; giving positive feedback; benefits of giving positive feedback.
    – Training and Orienting Crew Members: Case Study: The Lead Trainer; orientation and training for new workers; training.
    – Teams and Team Building: Case Study: The Team That Didn’t Work; why teamwork is important; team types; the construction supervisor’s role; phases of team development.
    – Leadership Skills in Action: Case Study: The Fleckster Company buyout; review of the course.

    Instructor: Gary Soule, Project Manager, LeChase Construction Services

    Cost: $250/person for AGC NYS and Syracuse Builders Exchange members,  includes manual
    $375/person, Non-member, includes manual

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    March 21, 2017 5:00 PM
    April 13, 2017 7:00 PM
    Syracuse Builders Exchange
    6563 Ridings Road
    Syracuse NY United States
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