STP Unit 5 – Improving Productivity and Managing Project Costs

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    STP Unit 5 – Improving Productivity and Managing Project Costs

    Online or In-Person (Albany, NY)

    The Supervisory Training Program (STP) developed by AGC, is designed specifically to meet the needs of the construction industry. Developed, updated, and field-tested by and for contractors, the Program consists of 6 courses that focus on the knowledge and skills that every supervisor must have to be an effective manager of people, time, equipment and materials.
    This course includes the following sessions:

    – Introduction to Improving Productivity and Managing Project Costs: how project estimates are compiled, how to compare actual project costs with those estimated, and how to control the costs to meet the estimate.
    – Construction Estimates, Planning and Scheduling: learn about types of estimates and what is typically included in conceptual estimates and more detailed estimates. Awareness of estimating techniques will help you understand the data you will use in controlling construction costs.
    – Who Controls Project Costs: taking over cost control from the estimator; gather information to use in planning the project; understanding why and how estimate costs can change from the time the estimate is made to the time the superintendent assumes responsibility for the project.
    – Reporting and Analyzing Actual Costs: reviewing a selection of cost report forms; using information to control costs, realizing the impact of improper reporting on costs, estimates, and bids.
    – Planning for Cost Control: how to minimize material costs by compiling a bill of materials for each activity, and comparing the cost to estimated material costs; planning labor crews and preparing for control of costs.
    – Cost Control Strategies: strategies for using cost control data to influence the work and minimize cost impact; analyzing cost control data to obtain compensation for or recovery of additional costs.
    – Quantifying Lost Labor Productivity: changes and external events; calculating the loss of productivity due to overtime; the learning curve and pricing a contract; environmental factors; temperature and lost labor productivity; disruption of the work process; added support activities; changes and productivity loss; the human element; methods of quantifying lost labor productivity.
    – Equipment Management for Productivity Improvement: knowing the hourly cost of labor and equipment; production capability of a machine; calculating non-productive cost; pricing change orders; calculating the lowest cost method.
    – Working With Project Partners: the effect of all project partners’ actions on the cost and profitability of the project; techniques for collaborative work on the jobsite.
    – Post-Project Evaluation: evaluating the project after the project is complete to determine strategies for future projects; understanding ways to share applicable information with your crews to help their productivity.

    Cost:$210 per person for Members of ECA, AGC of NYS, or NESCA (non-CIAP contributing employers, inquire with ECA)
    $260 per person for Non-Members (non-CIAP contributing employers)

    When you register you must select to either attend in person or online (via Zoom). This is how you will attend all seven classes, which allows us to have the room properly

    This program is managed by ECA.  Click here for a registration form.

    March 11, 2021 6:00 PM
    April 22, 2021 8:00 PM
    Building Industry Center
    6 Airline Drive
    Albany NY United States
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