Vice president Joe Biden returned to La Guardia Airport — which he once said reminded him of a “third-world country” — on Tuesday to help break ground on the new main terminal.

“The greatest city in the world needs and deserves the greatest infrastructure,” said Biden.

The reconstruction is the linchpin in a $4 billion rebuild of most of the airport.

The new terminal should be ready to accept new passengers in about two years, said Stewart Steeves, chief executive officer of La Guardia Gateway Partners, the private/public partnership formed to steward the reconstruction.

The construction will cause some headaches for passengers. Parking will be moved further away and fliers will have to catch shuttle buses to the terminal, said Steeves, who added that the planners will try to mitigate the hassles as much as possible.

“From the front door of the airport to the aircraft will be unaffected by the construction,” said Steeves. “The cornerstone of our plan is to not impact the passenger experience in the facility while the construction takes place.”

Biden came to New York City last summer to announce the plans for the reconstruction. This time, the vice president and the governor stood in the Port Authority police headquarters building as planes shuttled down the runway in the background.

The new airport will include the unified terminal that will be 600 feet closer to Grand Central Parkway, creating 240 percent more space for runways and flight operations, three times as many security gates and pedestrian bridges to gates, Port Authority officials have said.

“With this project, we are breaking the mold, moving beyond the status quo and creating a huge project for this region,” said Port Authority executive director Pat Foye.