Specification Review

The AGC NYS Specifications and Bid Document Review

A Hallmark of Service to the Membership and the Industry

The General Conditions of a contract can include unique, costly and sometimes illegal contract requirements. The Technical Specifications also often present restrictions to competition, constructability issues and also some illegal provisions. AGC NYS staff have decades of experience in NYS contracts and documents. We can assist you in ferreting out the troublesome provisions before they become part of your contract. Early changes prevent the need for potential judicial actions. AGC NYS has also been successful in winning a number of cases setting precedents in competitive bidding law.

Upon first discovery of questionable terms and a call to AGC NYS, we can assist to ensure conformity to widely accepted standards of equity, industry practice and law. Our aim is to help maximize competition while minimizing the potential for dispute, lien and defect. In this way all sectors of the industry are well served.

Reviewing and questioning the documents early in the pre-bid/proposal process is instrumental to achieving valuable changes. Post-bid services can provide similar effect in avoiding or mitigating change impacts.

For designers, CM’s and owners, before you finalize a set of bid documents, AGC NYS can provide a pre-advertisement bid-ability review of the documents. The comments are offered in confidentiality.

Contact AGC NYS staff with questions and do so early for best results.
Building projects: Joe Hogan, CDT, jhogan@agcnys.org
Transportation projects: Tom Wiser, PE, twiser@agcnys.org