Careers in Construction

Why Choose a Career in the Construction Industry?

  • Building schools, hospitals, bridges and roads all stay in the U.S. You can’t ship them oversees.
  • Each year the United States adds more than $600 billion worth of new construction projects such as new hospitals, schools, highways, bridges, homes, office buildings, stores, etc. That’s about 10% of America’s Gross Domestic Product.
  • The construction industry ranks among the top 10 largest sources of employment growth in our country, and it is estimated that the industry will have to recruit and train 240,000 new craft professionals each year to keep up with the growing demand.
  • Aging work force (average is 47 years old) – More jobs than students graduating now and in the future.
  • The construction industry is the second largest employer in the U.S., second only to all government employees including the armed forces.
  • Motivated graduates can easily move up the management ladder.
  • You can choose your work environment – inside or outside or both.


Construction Internship Leads to Experience on the Jobsite

The Value of Mentoring Students in the Construction Trades


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Programs and Resource Links

Elementary School

  • Engineering Games – PBS KIDS
  • Dr. Panda Apps – Visit your app store and search Dr. Panda Trucks or Dr. Panda Handyman
  • Little Builders – Visit you app store and search Little Builders
  • Construction PowerPoint for Elementary School – Players in Construction (MEMBERS ONLY) Contact Brendan Manning at the AGC for member resources at

Middle and High School


ACE Mentor Program (High School)
Career Direction in Architecture, Construction, and Engineering

What is ACE?

Originally started in 1994 in New York City by Dr. Charles Thornton of Thornton-Tomasetti, ACE (Architecture, Construction and Engineering) is a unique partnership of schools and universities, architects, interior designers, engineers, construction companies, professional organizations, and related corporations. The companies all share the desire to provide career direction to interested high school students. These community-minded companies are leaders in their fields; many have national and international reputations.

ACE Meeting

The companies join into teams and “adopt” a group of twenty to thirty students for the duration of a school year. Once organized, they meet for a few hours every other week. The teams are organized like a real-life construction project. For example, a team might include a corporate “owner,” an architectural firm, a construction company, and an engineering firm.

Each company provides one to two mentors. The mentors are successful designers and contractors who can give students a taste of what it is like to work in these fields and help them decide what they want to do.

For more information visit


Construction Career Days (High School)

What Are They All About?

Construction Career Days are about Youth, the Construction Industry, and Partnerships of volunteers.

Youth is vital to the construction industry. Today’s high school students represent the pool of workers from which the construction industry will recruit its future workforce. Construction Career Days expose high school students and adults to rewarding and diverse careers in the industry. The events offer students a career option that they otherwise may not have been aware of.

Students at CCD

The Construction Industry is facing a severe shortage of skilled workers. If not addressed, the shortage will increase, affecting quality, safety, and our industry’s overall ability to compete in building the infrastructure needed by an ever-growing population. The construction industry does not enjoy a visible and positive image among youth. Construction Career Days are designed to educate our youth about a friendlier and more professional industry that cares about them and their future.

Partnerships between industry, government, and education at the national, state and local levels are critical to improving the quality of life in our communities. Construction Career Days are strongly based on partnerships of volunteers working together for youth, industry and community. Career Day partnerships reach beyond planning and conducting events on career days. These partnerships also work towards enhancing career technology education, developing curricula that better prepare students for careers in the industry and increasing the diversity of the construction industry workforce.

Student on Skid

The Program

Construction Career Days are events devised to introduce high school students to the vast career opportunities and unlimited potential for advancement within the construction industries.

Supervised by professional operators, students participate in hands-on activities including the excitement of operating heavy equipment such as backhoes, bulldozers, excavators, front loaders and skid steers.

Exhibitors display the newest technologically advanced equipment that is utilized in constructing highways and buildings. Also, the latest high-tech tools used to build today’s modern structures are exhibited. Skilled trades people demonstrate crafts such as brick laying, cement finishing, welding, plumbing, electrical installation, material testing and pipe laying. Colleges and employers make themselves available to discuss the process of career and educational advancement.

For more information visit the Construction Career Days Website

For more information on Construction Career Days and how you can participate, please contact Brendan Manning at AGC NYS at 518-456-1134 or via e-mail at

College Level

The AGC of NYS provides continued support to Civil Engineering, Construction Management, Construction Technology and Diesel Technology Programs through on-going outreach, student grants and scholarships.

AGC NYS sponsors 14 Student Chapters throughout New York





Vocational-technical, two-year and four-year schools with a construction degree program are eligible to form a chapter. Student Chapters generally engage in such activities as participation in the Associated Schools of Construction regional management competition, field trips to members’ job site, and community projects and campus construction projects.




Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) – Region 1 – Construction Management Competition


For over 20 years the Northeast region of the Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) – Region 1 has held an annual faculty conference and student construction management competition.

Over 100 Students from 15+ schools from Maine to Virginia and west to Pennsylvania compete in this 2-day event. Region 1 holds three competitions: Heavy Highway, Commercial Building, and Design-Build.

As part of the event, the ASC hosts a Job Fair for the students to be able to meet and greet with industry representatives. For $2000, companies can set up a job fair booth, receive a digital copy of the students resumes who attend the competition. Contact Brendan Manning at the AGC NYS to take part in the event at


University and Colleges Listings – Civil Engineering and Construction Accredited Programs

The industry has two major accrediting bodies for Civil Engineering, Civil Technology, Construction Technology and Construction Management Programs. They are the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) and American Council for Construction Education (ACCE). Visit ABET at and ACCE at for a list of schools that are accredited.



College Resumes

The AGC NYS in conjunction with their AGC student chapters will assist college students by posting and distributing resume to the AGC membership.

To take part in this service please contact Brendan Manning at