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    Make sure your jobsites are in compliance!

    AGC NYS has many safety products to help keep your jobsite compliant and inform workers of safety practices and procedures.

    For more information on Safety Services or specific training needs please contact Jim Redmond if you are located in Syracuse 585-370-1853 or west or Dennis Kiefer if you are East of Syracuse or Downstate 518-456-1134.

    AGC NYS Construction Compliance Poster

    All required Federal and State documents are included on one 32″ x 48″ poster. The posters are designed for office (indoor) and jobsite (outdoor) use; they are weather- and UV-resistant. You can write in company-specific information such as emergency phone numbers, prevailing wage and right-to-know contacts and numbers. Click here for an order form.


    The standard poster is available in Spanish as wellPlease click here for an order form  in English. The Spanish order form can be downloaded here.

    AGC NYS Workplace Safety Poster

    This is the most completely assembled jobsite safety awareness poster available anywhere! You won’t find another poster that includes so much information in one single source!

    Charts, diagrams, tables, and symbols help protect your workers and your project. Information on the poster includes: Calculating Total Fall Distances, Working Near Power Lines, Job Built Ladders, Load Angle Factor, OSHA Minimum Vertical Tie Spacing, Crane Hand Signals, OSHA Standards for Fire Extinguishers, Excavation Slope Configurations, LPG/Acetylene Use & Storage, Uniform Location Color Codes, OSHA Offices & Contact Information Highly visible full-color print on specially laminated, UV and weather resistant paper for indoor and outdoor posting! Please click here for an order form.

    NYC DOB Chapter 33 “Safeguards During Construction and Demolition”

    Thanks to our partnership with TSC, AGC NYS is proud to announce the AGC NYS Version of NYC DOB Chapter 33 “Safeguards During Construction and Demolition” New York City Building Code, February 2018 Edition. 355 pages covers all sections from BC3301 to BC3321.
    Appendices included:
    • 1RCNY3301-01 Construction Site Signs
    • 1RCNY 3301-02 Construction Superintendents
    • 1RCNY 3310-01 Site Safety
    • 1RCNY 3310-02 Concrete Safety Managers
    • 1RCNY 3314-01 Mast-climbing work platforms
    • 1RCNY 3314-02 Suspended scaffold training requirements
    • 1RCNY 3319-02 Lift Director
    • Local Law 14 of 2018
    • FDNY Fire Code Chapter 14 – Fire Safety During Construction, Alteration and Demolition
    • DEP – A Guide to NYC Noise Code
    • Final Rule on Work Zone Safety and Mobility
    Estimated print and ship time will be about 3 weeks. ORDER HERE TODAY!

    NEW!!  WorkZone Traffic Safety Poster

    AGC NYS has developed another new poster, our 5th in the series.  This one depicts the most popular MUTCD traffic control components.  The poster serves as a reference point with the most useful diagrams and tables from the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices, Part 6.  Thanks to Emmett McDevitt from FHWA, the poster has been developed for AGCNYS Members to gain quick access for lane closures, flagger procedures, channeling devices, and much more.  All sections of this poster can be found in the MUTCD, but that can be a daunting task when you need to find the information quickly.  Black-on-orange color scheme mirrors traffic sign design, and printed on UV laminated vinyl for indoor/outdoor posting. Please click here for an order form.

    NEW!! Federal Construction Projects Poster

    The new AGC NYS Federal Construction Projects Poster contains all of the required federal postings for federally funded construction projects.  This poster is designed to be used in conjunction with the AGC NYS Compliance Poster, which has all of the required New York State and Federal employee required postings.  Together, the two posters make your jobsite compliant to meet state and federal requirements. For an order form, click here.

    AGC NYS Prevailing Rates Poster

    By Chapter 458 of the Laws of 1999, all public works projects must have a sign posted on the site in a conspicuous location that reads “PREVAILING RATE OF WAGES” in two-inch block letters able to withstand adverse weather conditions. AGC NYS has available a two-foot by two-foot sign meeting the lettering and weatherproof requirements. In addition, a weatherproof pouch is attached in which the prevailing rates may be placed for easy access by any interested party. Effective February 24, 2008 –NYS Department of Labor requires that all Public Work Projects have the specific DOL notice posted on all prevailing wage jobsites.

    AGC NYS has incorporated this poster into its Prevailing Rates poster. Please click here for an order form.

    GHS Labels

    The new OSHA HazCom standard will require that all chemicals in the workplace be properly labeled according to the new Global Harmonization System (GHS). Stay ahead of the worldwide due date for compliance by using our new GHS Compliance Labels. There are three pre-printed labels with the correct SDS required information: one for Gasoline (all types), Diesel Fuel, and LPG. There is also a blank generic label where information can be written in, and the correct GHS Pictogram(s) selected per the chemical on site. These labels are designed for outdoor use and are UV and weather resistant. Special lamination can be used with any type of pen for writing in required information. Please click here for an order form.

    Health Standards Poster ~~ NEW

    The new Health Standards Poster is designed for your job site. Highly visible, multi-color and printed on specially laminated, UV and weather resistant vinyl for indoor and outdoor posting. This poster includes Crystalline Silica Exposure Control Methods with equipment photos, Required Asbestos Survey Information, Lead Exposure Control Practices, Permissible Noise Exposure Limits and Respirator Filter Efficiencies. Please click here for an order form.

    AGC NYS Jobsite Safety Handbook for New York’s Construction Industry

    AGC NYS prepared this pocket-size guide to assist New York State’s construction industry in achieving an accident-free environment. The guidelines listed in the book are based on OSHA’s construction industry standards. It is not intended to be an all-inclusive list, but simply a synopsis of the items most commonly overlooked on the jobsite. Available in English and Spanish versions. The jobsite handbook has recently been updated and the new edition is now available. Please click here for an order form.

    OSHA Safety and Health Standards for Construction (1926)

    The Code of Federal Regulations, Part 1926 Construction, also Part 1903 – Inspections, Citations, and Proposed Penalties, Part 1904 – Recording and Reporting Occupational Injuries and Illnesses, and Part 1910 – General Industry – Selected Topics. Please click here for an order form.

    AGC NYS Business Reopening Safety Plan Construction Jobsite Poster

    The New York State Reopening Safety Plan Construction Jobsite Poster contains the required jobsite postings per the NYS guidance document:
    • Face Coverings
    • Physical Distancing
    • Discarding of PPE
    • Cleaning
    • Reporting
    You can view the signage requirements on the NY Forward plan by clicking here.

    AGC NYS COVID-19 New York Construction Jobsite Poster

    The AGC NYS COVID-19 Construction Jobsite Poster contains the most current information from these agencies:
    • CDC
    • OSHA
    • NYC DOB
    • NYS DOL
    • US FED DOL
    Alert your jobsite workers to the necessary information to stop the spread of COVID-19 and protect everybody on site. Highly visible color print scheme. Printed on specially laminated , UV, and weather resistant material for indoor and outdoor posting. Click here for an order form.

    NYC Fast Facts App

    Check out how easy it is to have NYC safety regulations and forms on your phone or tablet. With our AGC NYS Fast Facts App, you’re always three clicks away from everything you’re looking for. AGC NYS Members have access to exclusive pricing options listed below.


    The NYC Fast Facts series of informational cards was developed by the Associated General Contractors of New York State (AGC NYS) safety committee, in conjunction with Total Safety Consulting, LLC (TSC). The series is intended to provide brief yet concise information on a variety of New York City Construction topics including Department of Buildings, FDNY, DOT, DEC, and DEP regulations and requirements, as well as required training and forms.

    ToolBox Talks can now be found on the AGC NYS Safety Meeting App

    OSHA required safety meeting just got easier!

    With the Safety Meeting App you can manage your work place safety more effectively with regularly scheduled Safety Meetings that allow you to address important safety hazards including updates on recent incident.

    Covering 34 trade types and 950+ Safety Meeting Topics all accessable on your table, desktop or smart phone.

    Please click here for more information on what is available on the app and a free trial.

    AGC NYS ToolBox Talks are produced by our professional safety personnel and include pertinent and current topics, such as Asbestos, Scaffolding, Respirators, LPG, and much more. ToolBox Talks are designed for use by company safety supervisors during weekly jobsite meetings. Over 100 ToolBox Talks are included on this CD-ROM. Please click here for an order form.

    Emergency Medical Information Safety Sticker

    Keep crucial emergency medical information within reach on the jobsite with AGC NYS’s Emergency Medical Information Safety Sticker. This is a sticker that is applied to a worker’s hard hat. The reverse side has all the pertinent information in case of accident or emergency. The outside has an easily recognizable “red cross” to alert EMTs or paramedics. Personal information is hidden when the sticker is applied to the hard hat. During an emergency, just peel the sticker to reveal the emergency medical information.

    These labels are ideal for hard hats and wallets. Don’t waste valuable time looking for medical information in paper files in the jobsite trailer. Now every one of your workers can carry emergency information with them wherever they go. Please click here for an order form.

    AGC NYS Construction Publications on CD

    Over the years, AGC NYS staff and Members have written a number of booklets and brochures on various construction industry topics. Now these publications are all together on a single CD-ROM, including:

    • Guide to Construction Services on Building Work in New York State.
    • A Guide for General Contractors to the New York State Lien Law
    • Manual for Establishment of Reserved Gates
    • Sample Subcontract Clauses: Alternatives for Contractors to Use in Developing Subcontract Agreements
      West Fair Addendum
    • Development of Construction Contract Documents: Private and Public Sector Standards of Equity – Industry Practice – Law
    • A Guide for General Contractors and Subcontractors for Reporting Certified Payroll Records on New York State Public Works Projects

    The CD also contains three free publications from the AGC of America:

    • OCIPs Guidance
    • Guide to Mold in Construction
    • Enlightened Risk Allocation

    Please click here for an order form.

    AGC of America also offers several publications that can assist you and your staff. Please click here to go to their site.