AGC NYS Resources for COVID-19

    AGC NYS Resources for COVID-19

    Updated July 6, 2021 | 8:00 a.m.

    AGC NYS and AGC of America have been receiving inquiries from members about industry response and preparation for Coronavirus. In response, AGC NYS has assembled a range of information from public health experts on the coronavirus as a resource. You can find those resources below, and we will continue to update this page as more information becomes available. We urge you to share this with your personnel, and please reach out to AGC NYS with any questions.

    Links to resources by category can be found here:

    To access the COVID-19 Safety App, click here.

    AGC of America’s “We Kept America Building” Report can be found here.

    Cluster Zones Updated Paid Sick & Safe Leave
    Cluster Action Initiative Updated Guidance (12/13) New York State Paid Sick Leave Law
    Cluster Action Workforce Reduction Under EO 202.68 (11/26) New York State Paid Safe Leave
    Press Release: Micro-Cluster Focus Zones (11/9) Paid Sick Leave Details
    Red, Orange and Yellow Zones Guidance (11/9) Paid Sick Leave FAQs
    Paid Sick Leave Law for Employers
    FFCRA Updates Paid Sick Leave for Union Employers
    FFCRA Q&A (12/31) NYC Information
    Tax Credit FAQs (1/12)
    OSHA Federal and State COVID Leave Webinar (1/22)
    Protecting Workers (1/29) NYSDOL Guidance on Paid Sick Leave (1/25)
    Recordables & Vaccinations (4/29/21) Guidance from BCNYS (1/26)
    Vaccinated Workplaces (7/6/21) PSL Legislative Update BCNYS (2/2)
    Vaccinations FFCRA Paid Leave and Tax Credit Guidance Update (2/16)
    Phased Allocation of COVID-19 Vaccine (12/21)
    Guidance from NYS DOH Group 1A (1/8) PPP Updates
    Chamber of Commerce Resource Center (2/12) Guidance on Deductibility (1/6)
    Vaccinations for Construction Letter (3/22) SBA Guidance for M/W/DBE (1/7)
    Vaccination Webinar PowerPoint (3/22) SBA Guidance Economic Aid Act (1/7)
    Vaccination Webinar Recording (3/22) SBA Guidance Second Draw Loans (1/7)
    Paid Leave for Vaccines (3/25) PPP Re-Opening (1/8)
    CDC PPP & Employee Retention Tax Credit Webinar (1/13)
    Checklists for Employees and Employers PPP Re-Opening (1/14)
    Updated New York Guidance (4/27/21) PPP Updates (1/22)
    Employee Retention Credit Webinar (5/21/21)
    Employee Retention Credit Slides (5/21/21)
    “NY Forward” Documents Employer Resources – Jobsite Preparedness
    NY Forward Interim Construction Guidelines (5/13) Public Health Crises
    Phase One Construction Guidelines (5/14)  Managing illness
    FAQs (5/14)  Plan & Prepare
    Summary Guidelines (5/14)  Protecting Workers
    Detailed Guidelines (5/14)  NYS Paid Sick Leave – Employers
    Business Affirmation Form (5/14)  Teleworking Guidelines
    Safety Plan Template (5/14) Workplace Preparedness
    AGC NYS “NY Forward” Briefing (5/14) Member Sign-in Required Employee Temperature Monitoring
    AGC NYS NY Forward Poster Order Form (5/18) EEOC Guidance (3/19)
    Capital Region Reopening Plan (5/20) Pre-Screening Questionnaire (3/26)
    CDC Reopening Guidelines (5/20) Construction Delays Map (3/27)
    Contact info for NYS DOH by County (5/22) Hodgson Russ Attorneys Guidance – NYS Temperature Monitoring & Return to Work Protocol (4/2)
    COVID-19 Safety App Webinar (5/28) EEOC COVID-19 Testing (4/28)
    NY Forward Phase 2 Requirements (5/29) BCNYS Business Reopening Webinar (4/30)
    Office-Based Guidance (5/29)
    Summary Guidelines (5/29) Employer Resources – Legal & Financial
    Guidance on Construction Staging for Regions Not in Phase 1 (6/1) Legal Checklist
    NYC DOB Enforcement for Phase 1 (6/5) Surety Industry Checklist (3/24)
    NYC DOB Phase One Reopening Press Release (6/8) Bond, Schoeneck & King Coronavirus Resources (3/30)
    Revising Safety Plans Report (6/23)  Grassi & Co. Coronavirus Resources
    DOH Quarantine Guidance (6/25) Leave Management Impact – Business Council (3/31)
    Updated NY Travel Guidance (11/1) Sample Shutdown Letter (4/1)
    Safety, Stop the Spread and Social Distancing

    (Please See PPE Supply List Below)

    Letter for Essential Construction (4/1)
    How it spreads IRS FFCRA Tax Credit Guidance (4/2)
    Symptoms NYS DOL Unemployment Form Information (4/30)
    What to do if you’re sick
    Coronavirus Cycle Posters & Workplace Materials
    Cleaning & Health Best Practices (3/20)  FFCRA Poster (3/25)
    CDC Disinfection Recommendations (3/30)  National Coronavirus Safety Stand Down Resources (4/6)
    CDC Hand Sanitizer Guidance (3/30)  National Coronavirus Safety Stand Down Resources – Spanish (4/8)
    CDC Disinfection Guidelines (4/2) Sample COVID-19 Preparedness Plan (4/7)
    NYS DOH COVID-19 Contact Guidance (4/2) Sample COVID-19 Preparedness Plan – Spanish (4/7)
    NYS DOH Facility Disinfection Guidance (4/2) COVID-19 Jobsite Poster Order Form (5/3)
    CDC Cloth Face Mask Guidelines (4/9) NY Forward Jobsite Poster Order Form (5/18)
     NYS DOH Return to Work Protocol (4/2)
     COVID-19 Tool Cleaning Protocol from Milwaukee Tool (4/3)
     Respiratory Protection Program (4/6)
    Department of Defense Cloth Face Masks Guidance (4/6)
    NYS DOH Face Covering Guidance (4/14)
    AGC of America Working Safe Site (4/14)
    Appropriate Social Distancing (4/17)
    Silver Defender Film (4/21)
    Contract Issues
    Managing Project Risk
    Force Majeure Event
    Guidelines from Peckar & Abramson, P.C.
    Prevailing Wage Study
    Contract Notice Template (3/23)
    Managing construction project suspension and restart risks (3/24)
    Verified Notice of Damages Sample (4/1)
    Contract Notice Verification Sample (4/1)
    NYC Article 11: Notice of Conditions Causing Delay (4/1)

    Public Agency and Legislative Info OSHA Documents AGC NYS Materials & Webinars
    Paid Sick Leave Bill Travel Card Know the Facts – Toolbox
    Emergency Paid Sick Leave FAQs (3/27) Preventing Worker Exposure Know the Facts Pt. 2 – Toolbox Talk
    West Point Construction Update (3/27) OSHA Update (3/16) Protect Yourself – Toolbox Talk
    NYS Department of Taxation and Finance Relief from Payment Deadlines (3/29) Respiratory Equipment Enforcement (4/3) Protect Jobsites – Toolbox Talk
    Environmental Facilities Corporation Guidance (3/29) OSHA 10 Steps to Reduce Coronavirus Risk (4/8) Workforce Reduction & Paid Family Leave Webinar (3/23)
    ESD Training Tuesdays (4/1) OSHA 10 Steps to Reduce Coronavirus Risk – Spanish (4/8) Insurance, Bonding and Workers Compensation Webinar (3/29)
    NYS DOL Unemployment FAQs (4/2) COVID-19 Enforcement Guidance (4/10) PAUSE-NY and ESD Guidance Webinar (3/31)
    New York Unified Court System Guidance (4/8) COVID-19 Enforcement Response Plan (4/14) Contracts Webinar (4/1)
    NYSDOH Face Coverings Emergency Rule (7/10) OSHA Considering Good Faith Efforts in Enforcement (4/17) Collaborative Leadership Webinar (4/15)
    MTA Guidance OSHA One-Page Guidance (4/23) Loan Programs Webinar (4/16)
    MTA Protocol OSHA One-Page Guidance – Spanish (4/23) EO/Workplace Compliance Webinar (4/21)
    MTA Guidance (3/20) COVID-19 & Personal Injury Claims Webinar (4/23)
    MTA C&D Exposure Guidance (7/6/21) Executive Orders AGC NYS New York Forward Plan (4/27)
    MTA COVID-19 Project Safety Checklist (1/20)  State Executive Orders Landing Page Safety Plan in Effect Poster (5/3)
    MTA Safety Guidelines (4/22) EO202.6 – Construction Deemed Essential Social Distancing Reminder Poster (5/3)
    MTA Safety Contractor Protocols (1/20) Executive Order 202.8 (3/21) Hand Washing Poster (5/3)
    MTA General Safety Guidelines (12/19) Executive Order 202.9 (3/21) Face Covering Poster (5/3)
    MTA Project Safety Checklist (5/18) ESD Q&A (3/31) COVID-19 Jobsite Poster Order Form (5/3)
    MTA Safety Procedure Webinar (1/27) Updated ESD Guidance (3/27) NY Reopening Date (5/4)
    Updated ESD Guidance Clarified (3/29) NY Regional Reopening Information (5/11)
    Canal Corporation Guidance EO 202.13 (3/30) PPP Recap and Business Outlook (5/12)
    Canal Corp. Guidance Updated ESD Guidance (3/30) AGC NYS Heroes Act Summary (5/12)
    EO 202.14 (4/7) Office Safety Protocols Webinar (5/13)
    DEC Guidance Updated ESD Guidance Regarding Workforce Reduction (4/9) Quantifying Project Impacts from COVID-19 Webinar (5/14)
    DEC Guidance (4/1) EO 202.16 (4/13) NY Forward Jobsite Poster Order Form (5/18)
    NYS DEC Alternative Signature Procedures for Waste Shipping Papers (4/8) Guidelines to Phase in Re-Opening NY (4/29) PPP Flexibility Act Webinar (6/11)
    EO 202.31 (5/15) From AGC of America
    OGS Guidance EO 202.45 (6/29) Webinar Archive
    OGS Guidance (3/21) NYSDOT Guidance AGC of America Guidelines
    OGS Guidance (3/28) NYSDOT Guidance (3/19) Industry Outlook – Ken Simonson
    NYSDOT Guidance for Work Days (4/3) AGCA Data Digest
    SUCF/SUNY Guidance Interim Guidance for NYSDOT SOP (4/3) Press Release on Possible Shutdown
     SUCF Guidance (3/25) Jobsite Practices – AGC Oregon
    Thruway Authority Guidance Proactive Measures for Addressing COVID-19 (3/24)
    NYSTA Guidance (3/20) AGC of America CARES Act Analysis (3/30)
     NYSTA COVID-19 Case Guidance (4/8) AGC of America SBA PPP Analysis (4/2)
    Cintas PPE Discount Program (4/9)
    CISA Guidance 3.0 (4/20)
    CISA Advisory on Critical Infrastructure (4/26)
    NYC Specific Information Federal Resources
    NYC DOB COVID-19 Homepage Naval Facilities Guidance (3/23)
    New York City DOH Defense Industrial Base Guidance (3/23)
     NYC DOB Service Notice  (3/16) USDOL FFCRA Employer Fact Sheet (3/24)
    NYC DOB Service Notice (3/17) USDOL FFCRA Employee Fact Sheet (3/24)
    Building Trades Protocol USDOL FFCRA Q&A (3/24)
    NYC SCA Remains Open FFCRA Posting Q&A (3/26)
    NYC DOB Enforcement Notice (3/19) Federal Employees Rights FFCRA Paid Sick Leave Poster (3/26)
    NYC DOB Full Demolition and Site Safety Plans (3/19) Employee Rights FFCRA Paid Leave Poster (3/26)
    NYC DOB Best Practices – Dust Mitigation (3/20) FFCRA Field Assistance Bulletin (3/26)
    NYC DOB – Preventing Contamination (3/20) U.S. Chamber of Commerce – Emergency Loans (3/28)
    NYC DOB Service Notice (3/20) USDOL FFCRA Questions and Answers (3/28)
    NYC DOB Service Notice (3/23) Department of Homeland Security Guidance (3/29)
    NYC Division of Schools Permit Process (3/24) Guide to the CARES Act (3/31)
    NYC DOB Summary of Changes (3/24) Paycheck Protection Program Info Sheet (4/1)
    NYC DOB Service Notice (3/26) Paycheck Protection Program Application (4/1)
    FDNY Notice (3/26) US DOL Temporary PSL & PFL Rule (4/1)
    NYC SCA Temporary Construction and Construction Support Cessation (3/30) US DOL Sick Leave & FMLA Webinar (4/3)
    NYC DOB Suspension of Non-Essential Construction (3/30) SBA General Description & Regulations (4/10)
    NYC DOB Service Notice (4/1) SBA Supplemental Information (4/10)
    NYC DOB Service Notice (4/2) Guide to PPP Loan Forgiveness (4/16)
    NYC DOB Map of Essential & Emergency Construction Projects (4/3) SBA Interim Rules for Business Loans and PPP (4/26)
    NYC DOB Service Notice (4/3) PPP Resources Page (4/26)
    NYC DOB Buildings News (4/6) Recap of Current Construction Business Conditions (5/5)
    NYC DOB Social Distancing Safety Guidelines (4/6)

    PPP FAQs (5/13)

    NYC DOB Suspension of Construction Updated FAQs (4/15) PPP Loan Forgiveness Application (5/15)
    NYC DOB Essential Construction Updated Guidance (4/15) Interim Final Rule on Loan Forgiveness (5/26)
    NYC DOB Service Notice (4/15) Interim Final Rule on SBA Loan Review Procedures and Related Borrower and Lender Responsibilities (5/26)
    NYC DOB Service Notice (4/15) Interim Final Rule on Second Extension of Limited Safe Harbor with Respect to Certification Concerning Need for PPP Loan and Lender Reporting (5/26)
    NYC DOB Service Notice (4/18) PPP Flexibility Act EZ Loan Forgiveness Application (6/17)
    NYC DOB Service Notice (4/21) PPP Flexibility Ace Full Loan Forgiveness Application (6/17)
    NYC DOB Service Notice (4/23)
    Building Bulletin – Suspending Work (4/23)
    NYC DOB Service Notice (4/23)
    NYC DOB Service Notice (4/24)
    NYC DEP Testing Deadline Extended (4/29)
    NYC DEP Amended Drainage Plans (4/29)
    NYC DEP Instructions for Permits & Applications (4/29)
    NYC DEP Electronic Submissions (4/29)
    NYC DOB Service Update (5/1)
    NYCIRB Changes in Experience Rating for COVID-19 (5/5)
    NYC DOB Service Update (5/7)
    NYC DOB Enforcement for Phase 1 (6/5)
    NYC DOB Phase One Reopening Press Release (6/8)
    NYC DOB Phase One FAQs (6/13)

    AGC of America Webinars

    AGC of America has posted all of their recorded webinars here.

    PPE Supply Information

    Cintas AGC of America Partner Discount on PPE Supplies

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    Safety Supplies Unlimited

    Yao Interactive Inc., DBA PPE International Inc. – Click here for supply list

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    Vortex Crew Care

    Noteworthy Articles:

    AGC Secures New Administration Guidance that Now Allow Firms with 500 or Fewer Employees to Qualify for Paycheck Protection Program Loans | AGC of America

    Coronavirus: Construction restrictions could force 4,000 to lose jobs locally | Poughkeepsie Journal

    New York State halts non-essential construction, which threatens work at Carrier Dome |

    Coronavirus: New York halts all nonessential construction projects | Democrat & Chronicle

    A new coronavirus threat: Sidelined subcontractors | Construction Dive

    Work on new Herkimer County jail expected to continue | Times Telegram

    AGC Survey: 28 Percent of Members Report Halted or Delayed Projects | ENR

    Construction Responds to Limit Coronavirus Infection Exposure, Manage Work | ENR

    6 ways the coronavirus outbreak will affect construction | Construction Dive

    Coronavirus Could Force Teams to Work Remotely | Harvard Business Review

    AGC NYS Member Support for Hospitals

    We are hearing of AGC NYS Members – mostly those who have relationships with hospitals – receiving requests to help with PPE that are in short supply. Most of those requests are for N95 masks and we know or Members are Stepping up where possible. AGC NYS would like to hear more of those requests so that we can pass them along to others in the region. We also want to hear about how AGC NYS Members and the construction industry are answered great the call to help battle this crisis.
    Please send this information to Joe Hogan.