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The mental health conversation is not a last resort, or last ditch effort in suicide prevention – we have a generation stepping into the workforce that expects a certain level of mental health support in the workplace to maintain and excel at their jobs.  AGC NYS will be a leader in incorporating mental health support in the workplace to retain the next generation, while supporting the current workforce with resources and guidance.

NexGen EAP

NexGen EAP by eni | Learn More About NexGen EAP

The NexGen program by eni encompasses a wide variety of programs to help your employees navigate the increasingly complex problems that can disrupt their personal and work lives. AGC NYS conducted a Webinar to educate members on all the eni offerings, you can watch here.

EAPs are strictly confidential and designed to safeguard an employee’s privacy while providing access to professional counseling services for help in confronting personal problems such as alcohol and substance abuse, marital and family difficulties, financial or legal troubles, and emotional distress, as well as providing concierge services which can assist in creating a healthier work life balance.

eni has provided our Membership preferred pricing as well as the inclusion of many products that typically would be standalone or add on services. Anyone interested in finding out more or bringing this cutting-edge benefit to your team we encourage you to click here for more information or call Larry Amico at 1 (800) 364-4748 ex. 2054 (Monday-Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm) and let him know that you are with AGC NYS to unlock the generous benefits with our program.

Suicide Prevention Month

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Training & Webinars

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New York State Resources

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Additional Web Resources

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