Partnering Facilitation

Since 1992, AGC NYS has led the way in New York State at offering Partnering/Project Alignment facilitation services.

Through those services, AGC NYS has helped develop and maintain teams on nearly $5 billion worth of construction projects from Buffalo to Staten Island, Lake Placid to Queens. Those projects have included both public work and private work on schools, factories, bridges, tunnels, prisons, office buildings, hospitals and even a bobsled/luge facility. The projects have ranged from $5 million all the way up to $500 million.

Through the years, AGC NYS has not only been a leader in offering the services but has been a strong advocate for “real” partnering or “project alignment.” Partnering is a 365 days/year venture, not just a workshop! Without regular follow-up, the chances of success are little more than they would have been without partnering. In some cases it might be less. AGC NYS, in conjunction with Team Technologies, Inc. of Olympia, Washington, has even offered training programs for other facilitators.

Like other AGC NYS programs and services, the partnering facilitation program is focused on providing tools. In this case, they are tools to help develop and maintain teams in an effective, efficient and productive mode. Contact Joe Hogan at AGC NYS, 518-456-1134, for more information or you can click here to send an email to Joe.

To view and print a copy of our Partnering Brochure please click here.