Workers Compensation Safety Group

    Hand-in-hand with our safety services is the AGC NYS’s highly successful Workers’ Compensation Safety Group #550, underwritten by the New York State Insurance Fund.

    Today the program offers up to a 20% up-front discount for eligible Members. For over 22 years, the group’s dividend history has been outstanding — as high as 40% and NEVER below 20%. Our loss ratio, fully developed over this past 20 years is 33%, with some years being as low as 8%.


    Nearly 50 AGC NYS Member firms are enrolled in the program. Loss control is provided by AGC NYS Safety & Construction Services, and the group is managed by Ross Gnesin and G.C.G. Risk Management, Inc. As the insurance market continues to tighten, the AGC NYS Workers’ Comp Safety Group #550 can be an attractive alternative to your current coverage. Call AGC NYS and request a quote today, or click here for a Request for Quotation form.

    The AGC Safety Group #550 in the State Insurance Fund seeks those safety-minded members who adopt our team approach to loss & control, and aggressive claims management.  All claims are filed through the offices of GCG Risk Management, Inc., which utilizes a self-pay medical program for small claims, improving both the experience rating of the member, and dividend performance for the entire group.  As specialists in the Workers’ Compensation field for decades, GCG brings an approach which goes well beyond the traditional insurance broker.  In fact, our member’s insurance agents use us as a resource to protect their investment in their client’s performance.  With the combination of a 20% discount, and an average dividend of nearly 30% over our history, members of AGC Safety Group #550 are saving over 50% on their premiums ANNUALLY.

    To download our informational brochure, click here, or visit G.C.G.’s website at

    Questions? Call G.C.G. at 212-431-3000, x225 or AGC NYS at 518-456-1134.