The AGC NYS Construction Industry Legal Fund

The AGC NYS Construction Industry Legal Fund

Protecting AGC NYS Members and the Construction Industry

Let’s face it: our industry is increasingly under attack, from MWBE goals based neither on the law nor reality, to government mandated PLAs and excesses from owners both private and public. It is high time to fight back. In the interest of continuing to advance and protect our Members and the construction industry as a whole, AGC NYS has established The AGC NYS Construction Industry Legal Fund.

AGC NYS has been taking bold and decisive action to stand up for our industry and push back on many of the serious challenges and dangerous excesses we are seeing regularly across the State. More and more, seeking relief and protection on these fronts has required us to take action in the courts.

Those efforts are paying off, as evidenced by the significant victory we recently won in our MWBE FOIL Article 78 action and in the favorable outcomes our engagement has helped secure in any number of cases we have joined with Amicus Curiae briefs. These legal efforts on behalf of New York’s construction industry are critically important and often represent the last line of defense on crucial issues impacting the membership and construction industry—but they are also costly and difficult to anticipate and therefore plan for financially.

Given the challenging nature of doing business in New York State, we have found it necessary to take legal action on critical industry issues with increasing frequency, a trend we see continuing, unfortunately. The time is now to make sure we have the ability to continue to take action when needed to protect our membership and the industry.

The AGC NYS Construction Legal Fund is utilized to support and defray the expenses of AGC NYS legal action, including Amicus Curiae briefs and direct litigation. It will help insure we have the resources at the ready to stand up for New York’s construction industry when it matters most.

We respectfully ask that you consider supporting this timely and worthwhile effort. Members of the AGC NYS Executive Committee stepped up immediately after voting to create the AGC NYS Construction Industry Legal Fund, pledging a combined $31,500 to get it off the ground. We hope you will join them and help AGC NYS continue its ability to boldly step into the breach when the interests of our members and industry are threatened.

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